“The greatest moment I’ve had at Real Madrid so far was winning the league title. In my opinion, it is the most difficult league championship in the world. We faced a very strong opponent like Barcelona and defeated them with a nine-point cushion. It was fantastic.” Cristiano ronaldo


Football changes very quick and the level of today’s top teams is very high. It’s not easy to win the Champions League, as we know, and as every Chelsea fan knows, it’s difficult to reach a final and it’s difficult to even go through the group stage. We know that from experience. When we saw the videos from last season and and the great moments we had in Munich, we wanted to be there again. We returned the trophy with pride and hopefully we’ll be back next season to get the it back. Last season we had the chance to play in the Champions League despite no finishing in the top four, but this season that’s not the case so we must focus in finishing in the top four. If we do that and win the Europa League, it will not be a bad season. - Fernando Torres (x)